About Iran Construction Research Company

Iran Construction Research Consulting Engineers Company was established in 1981 in order to perform technical and consulting services in the stages of identification, economic and technical justification of projects, preparation of plans and documents and executive specifications of projects, supervision of good works. The company operates in the fields of rail transportation, railway stations, airport terminals, architectural and urban planning projects, and economic surveys. The company is headquartered in Tehran and has a number of project supervision offices in different provinces. The company has also worked as a consulting engineer for several projects in the Republic of Tajikistan and is currently active in the following member associations.


Vision and Mission


Providing engineering services, supervision, contract management, project management, economic feasibility and investment in large national and international plans and projects and permanent value creation for all stakeholders of the company, including shareholders, employees and customers on the way to becoming an international company.



Iran Construction Research Company in its 5-year horizon (1400), will be the third largest exporter of engineering services in the country and has international branches in the region.


Improving engineering methods through communication with scientific centers, foreign consultants, domestic and foreign universities and strengthening the research, development and development of engineering consulting services Design and supervision to acceptable levels of reputable and international authorities and increase employer satisfaction by maintaining professional ethics Standards related to the activities of the organization based on the database and experiences collected in the valid archive of technical documents show their competitiveness and the community of engineers in the international arena to develop capable and efficient manpower while maintaining their human dignity






Organizational values

Employers' trust, intimacy and quality are our core values.

Honesty, integrity and transparency are the foundation of all our activities. We are aware that our success ultimately depends on the fulfillment of the wishes of our employers. Therefore, we always try to be flexible, adaptable and constructive in relation to their demands.

Responsibility for progress and development We provide effective scientific and technical services for the health and well-being of our communities and the region and within the framework of the projects studied and implemented. Fixed and individual approaches of experts, responsibility, focus on social progress and development, sustainable development as well as environmental considerations are institutionalized in our minds. - The principle of quality in providing professional services We strive to maintain a stable and secure reputation by correctly understanding the demands of employers and paying proper and committed attention to them. to gain. Iranian construction research must be responsible for responsibility, professional commitments, creativity and adherence to the principle of quality in service delivery, as well as His approaches to the range of services and work and financial planning of projects should be prominent and significant. - Encourage colleagues and value their services We are aware of the importance of the role of each of the experts and partners in the progress and success of the company and, if possible, provide the necessary facilities for We provide a better result for their performance. We believe in aligning the knowledge and technical and professional abilities of colleagues With the expectations and demands of the company and employers. Creates an energetic, positive, sustainable and healthy work environment. 

            Quality management policy

            Increase employee satisfaction

            Interact more with employers

            Increase the quality of engineering services

            Increase the speed of responding to the demands of employers

            Providing services subject to the contract within the prescribed period

            Increase employee productivity

             Holding seminars and training courses

            Establish a system of suggestions and criticisms of employees

            Providing suitable facilities and work environment

            Motivate by using new motivational methods

            Laying the groundwork for presence in international markets

            Establish relationships and cooperation with reputable global companies

            Establish appropriate management and organizational systems

            Use of experienced managers and specialists in the field of international projects

            Utilization of new market monitoring systems

            creativity and innovation


            Plan to mechanize the gravel system of locomotives

            disabled people

            Adaptation of railway transport stations for the disabled


            Relocation of the bogey parking area and development of bogey replacement lines of Sarakhs station


            Insulation products and new approaches in the insulation industry


            Standardize the design of railway stations

            Organizational structure of Iranian construction research


            social responsibility

            Ahmed Charity Foundation


            Iran Construction Research Company, with the establishment of Ahmad Charity Foundation, with the aim of supporting and helping talented children in need in the educational and skill sectors, is trying to provide a better future for children in need in this land while fulfilling its social mission.

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