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Construction and equipping of Khatlan specialized and regional hospital in the Republic of Tajikistan

This project includes the construction and equipping of a specialized and regional hospital in Dangara district of Khatlan region, 130 km away from Dushanbe city. The main building of the hospital is designed with an area of approximately 9700 square meters on 7 floors.

Services include completion of design, supervision of construction, supply and installation of medical equipment, cooperation in preparing financial requests to be submitted to the Islamic Development Bank, control of work progress, as well as preparation and submission of periodic reports and completion of the project.
Railway stations on the Tehran-Hamadan-Sanandaj axis (continued-2009)

Studies and provision of technical and engineering services, preparation of preliminary and executive plans and monitoring services for the implementation of the project of passenger stations located in the axis of Tehran - Hamadan - Sanandaj with a length of 150 km, with an approximate infrastructure of 17,000 square meters in areas with a total area of 700 hectares . Famenin, Hamedan, Qorveh and Sanandaj passenger stations are located in this route.

Terminal No. 2 of Mashhad Railway Station (2013-continues)

Due to the allocation of a dedicated area for high-speed trains in the comprehensive plan of Mashhad, and due to the limited level of infrastructure available to provide the necessary services, the establishment of terminal number two in the station area is planned. It is such that all operations, including acceptance, dispatch and service to passenger lounges are performed centrally in the complex.

Judicial Complex No. 2 Shiraz (1377-1375)

The building is designed in 7 floors and 7,800 square meters, including courts, administrative departments, archives and ancillary spaces.

                Faculty of Railway Engineering (1997-1992)
                The first school of railway engineering in Iran with an area of approximately 12,000 square meters in the campus of Iran University of Science and Technology has been designed and its executive operations have been supervised. The building includes theory classes, physics and chemistry laboratories, calligraphy and building workshops, electricity, electricity and teaching aids such as library, conference hall, amphitheater.
                Bandar Abbas Airport Master Plan Review Studies

                Understanding the current status of the airport, analyzing the previous comprehensive plan, introducing neighboring airports in Iran and the region, examining the types of transportation systems in the region, examining the airport's sphere of influence and reviewing upstream plans, preliminary analyzes to estimate future airport demand including review and analysis The performance of the country's aviation industry, the past performance of the airport, the main socio-economic indicators, estimating cargo and passenger demand, the number of flights and estimating the required levels on the project horizon and finally formulating proposed options, selecting the best option,

                Studies and design of equipment for line 4 of Mashhad city train (continued-2013)

                Fleet design and updating, power supply, telecommunications, ventilation, automatic ticketing, signaling, escalators, elevators, depot equipment, command center equipment, operation, intelligent building management including general requirements, definitions, standards, spare parts and more Related, fleet simulation, fire alarm and extinguishing system, power supply and determination of number of substations, preparation of value list, power supply simulation, determination of number of power supply substations, review of all subsystems of telecommunication equipment package including wireless, notification to Passengers, paging, identification of equipment and machinery required in the depot, command center, review of operation scenarios, submission of proposals for the BMS system

                Railway stations on the Bafgh-Mashhad axis (2001-2002)

                Torbat Heydariyeh organizational station with a set of buildings with an area of 7000 square meters on 100 hectares of land on the 1000 km route of Bafgh-Mashhad railway, as well as Kashmar, Bajestan, Jandagh stations, all intermediate stations, repair buildings and locomotive service at Tabas station in The same axis has been designed by Iranian Construction Research Consulting Engineers and tender documents have been prepared.


                Freight Wagon Repair Shops (2000-2001)

                The building of the checkpoint and the repair line of freight wagons with an area of 1500 square meters in two types has been designed for construction in Mashhad railway stations, Bandar Abbas, Sirjan, Yazd and Garmanuri railway stations in Qom. The buildings have repair halls equipped with overhead cranes and lifting jacks, and workshops, offices, toilets and changing rooms are provided in them.

                Terminal and ancillary buildings of Ardabil Airport and Saravan Airport
                The project includes Ardabil airport buildings including terminal, technical block, fire department, pavilion, repair shop, guest house, meteorology, refueling, organizational houses, hangars and other ancillary buildings with a total area of 12,000 square meters.

                New bogie change lines of Sarakhs railway station (2004-2005)
                Due to the development of rail transport of goods through the Sarakhs border, the increase of bogie exchange lines at this border station for incoming and outgoing trains between Turkmenistan and Iran has become necessary. The complex includes two new lines with 100 jacks for simultaneous replacement of 25 wagons, a middle and passing line of rail vehicles, two gate cranes, winch rooms and a restaurant and office building in the north of Boji parking lot. The section is 490 meters.

                Homa Support Building at Imam Khomeini International Airport

                Design and provision of building engineering services Support for "Homa" airport services for use in the first phase of operation in the area of Imam Khomeini International Airport. The building with an area of 4500 square meters includes engineering and repair departments, logistics, aircraft auxiliary equipment, ground transportation unit, catering, medicine and first aid, security, airport services, support and flight crew.

                Employer's partner consultant to complete the Isfahan-Shiraz axis (continued in 1396)
                The purpose of this project is to complete the Isfahan-Shiraz railway and use the maximum possible employer in the field of transferable services in the field of engineering and consulting, to standardize how to supervise contractors and reduce operating costs, which according to the objectives of the Fifth Development Plan and The need to improve the quality and quantity of the country's rail industry is done. The project also includes studies related to the construction and completion of station buildings, infrastructure studies, bridges, tunnels, pavement, operation and other appropriate studies.
                Tabriz International Airport and Hajj Terminal
                The design of Tabriz International Airport terminal building is based on the forecast of accepting 800 passengers for two simultaneous flights in the airport and is divided into general sections, outgoing passengers, incoming passengers, support and office. The building has a total area of 15,000 square meters on one ground floor, half floor above it and 2 basement floors, its maximum height is 15 meters. Services included the preparation of executive plans, cost estimates and bidding documents.

                Tabriz International Airport and Hajj Terminal

                The design of Tabriz International Airport terminal building is based on the forecast of accepting 800 passengers for two simultaneous flights in the airport and is divided into general sections, outgoing passengers, incoming passengers, support and office. The building has a total area of 15,000 square meters on one ground floor, half floor above it and 2 basement floors, its maximum height is 15 meters. Services included the preparation of executive plans, cost estimates and bidding documents.
                Saravan Airport Terminal and Complex of Buildings
                In this project, basic studies and review of the design principles of airport terminals have been done according to international rules and standards, and a comprehensive plan of the area, as well as terminal plans, watchtower, fire station, guest house and other ancillary facilities of the airport with a total area of 12,000 square meters. Has been.
                Iran Powder Metallurgy Complex (1363-1361)

                The factory is covered by the Bank of Industry and Mines of Iran, including metal powder and parts factories, office buildings, laboratories, warehouses with an infrastructure area of 11,000 square meters on a 25,000 square meter land in Alborz Qazvin Industrial Town. The factory production line has been purchased from the German company Mansman Damag and all the necessary coordination has been done to provide the required services with the experts of the mentioned company.

                Jiroft School of Nursing (1372-1369)

                Based on the planning and criteria of medical science education and educational needs, the faculty building complex includes classrooms, laboratories, scientific workshops and teaching aids including library, amphitheater, research center, professors' residential houses, guest house and administrative affairs in total area. 15,000 square meters in 11 hectares of project land has been designed

                Feasibility studies for creating a multi-purpose terminal on line 3 of Mashhad train (2015-2016)

                The goal is integrated transportation, access to goods, resources and services while reducing the need for travel and scattered management costs of various transportation systems. In this project, while looking at the definitions of different types of multi-purpose terminals and the feasibility of integrating different modes of transportation, different uses are determined in the located location and how different networks and different ways of access to this terminal are connected.

                Studies and design of advanced phase one civil line of Mashhad city train line 4 (continued-2013)

                Architectural design of all stations and buildings, design of stations, control center, power posts, design of technical buildings along the route, final summarization and calculations, preliminary design and preparation of necessary plans related to the design of tunnels, design of intersections Non-level with road networks, canals and rivers, design of mechanical facilities of stations, tunnels and routes, command center and substations, preparation of advanced phase plans, method of implementation of line4components, estimation of project implementation cost, presentation of implementation schedule , Compiling a list of required tests, according to the location of the health village and the construction of 8 hospitals and medical centers around the entrance shaft of TBM line 2 of Mashhad city train and with suitable lands, station complex design, command center and station complexes (TOD) Study and preliminary plans of M2 station and command control center will be prepared in the form of amendment to this contract.

                Studies of the second phase of pavement, operation of signs and communications, fleet and design, buildings and landscaping of railway stations connecting Darab to the country's rail network (2017)

                شهرستان داراب به دلیل دارا بودن پتانسیل های فراوان کشاورزی و صنعتی یکی از مراکز مهم تولید بار و مسافر در استان به شمار میرود بنابراین اتصال این شهرستان به شبکه ریلی کشور در حال حاضر یکی از اولویت های شبکه ریلی است . این پروژه شامل انجام مطالعات طراحی تهیه مشخصات فنی و نقشه های اجرایی در بخش های روسازی علایم و ارتباطات جریه و کارخانجات و ساختمانهای فنی و اداری میباشد

                Management of comprehensive and strategic studies plan for important and organizational railway stations (continued in 2015)

                Due to the importance of stations in terms of location in metropolitan, medium-sized cities or due to their importance in terms of freight movement or the role of rail network connection, studies at three levels in 29 railway stations in the country in a specific area of ​​influence and 20-year horizon as described. The following has been done: a- Comprehensive and strategic studies including (7 stations in Ahvaz, Isfahan, Tabriz, Karaj, Gorgan, Zahedan and Tabas) b- Comprehensive station studies including (18 stations in Rey, Garmsar, Varamin, Islamshahr, Semnan, Shahroud, Sari, Ghaemshahr, Qazvin, Zanjan, Arak, Andimeshk, Dorod, Khorramshahr, Bandar Imam Khomeini, Kerman, Yazd and Bafgh)

                Detailed plan, comprehensive and strategic plan of Mashhad railway station (continued in 2016)

                According to the perspective of the railway programs of the Islamic Republic of Iran, the issue of increasing the capacity of Mashhad railway station and forecasting the number of passengers transferred in 1410 (project horizon) to 26 million passengers per year is raised. Detailed plan studies in connection with the strategic and comprehensive plan of Mashhad railway station, including: rail traffic studies, reorganization, pavement, signs and communications, platforms and arrangement of existing lines of Terminal 2, ballast and concrete pavement plan, reorganization of terminal number one, spaces General, railway station area and square, plan to connect the terminals of the railway station to F2 station of Mashhad city train, structural analysis, seismic improvement studies of the main building, technical studies of Tabarsi street bridges, mechanical and electrical non-construction facilities.

                Railway in Gorgan-Mashhad axis (continued-1390)

                Engineering studies for tracking, signaling, communication and operation system of Gorgan-Mashhad railway with an approximate length of 580 km located in northeastern Iran. Services include determining the location and requirements for the construction of a passenger terminal, railway ancillary buildings.

                Satellite Information Receiver Station (2001-2003)

                Necessary reinforcement plan and changes in accordance with current needs and development plans in the building of equipment and information tracking (T.R.F) located in Mahdasht satellite information receiver station, Karaj. Additional works related to the central heating installation systems of the complex as well as the construction of platforms where the antennas are installed have been completed and the project has been put into operation.

                Alstom Locomotive Service Depot (1379)

                This depot is designed for Alstom locomotives and has been constructed in the first stage in Mashhad and Tabas railway stations. The repair hall has 4 visiting lines, surrounding platforms, overhead cranes, oil and dewatering systems, and compressed air. Burning platform and sanding equipment is located next to this building.

                Homa Office and Sales Complex in Tabriz (1375-1374)

                Design and preparation of executive plans of this building with 3500 square meters of infrastructure on 3 floors, including the waiting area for clients, sales staff, office, report writing and staff lounge, meeting hall, cooperative store, guest house in Tabriz.