Studies and design of passive defense of Bafgh railway

Bafgh Railway Station is an organizational station. Among the types of stations, organizational stations have a national role due to their role in the operation of railways and also the existence of vital facilities such as control rooms, wireless and communication centers, operational equipment, fuel tanks, central building and management of regional operations. They are important and any damage to them can directly affect the performance of the country's rail transportation system and cause disruption and crisis.

In this project, various military and security threats are studied in three categories of soft attacks including cyber attacks and sabotage, semi-hard attacks including electromagnetic bombs and hard attacks including bombing operations, bioterrorism and suicide operations and military operations. Was placed and appropriate designs were presented

A report on passive defense strategies will be provided on the station site. For this purpose, in the first step in compiling this chapter, first, the context of the project in the current situation will be studied using the available documents and the results of field visits, at two levels:

The Bafgh railway station was inspected from two perspectives in terms of passive defense considerations:

1.     Investigation of the area around Bafgh railway station

2.     Bafgh railway station area


Then, according to the studies, the existing buildings in the area of Bafgh railway station are classified in terms of importance from the point of view of passive defense, and the facilities, privileges, needs and limitations of the project bed at the two mentioned levels will be identified. Finally, according to the studies, the identified issues within the Bafgh railway station and the existing standards in the field of passive defense, the necessary strategies for the development of the Bafgh railway station will be presented.

According to the studies, Bafgh railway station has numerous privileges, facilities, needs and limitations due to its location, area, neighboring uses, special role in the country's rail transportation network, etc.

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