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Quality Management Policy

This company is in line with its goals, which is to achieve the highest level of national and international standards to satisfy domestic and foreign employers; while setting and implementing organizational strategic plans, it hereby declares its commitment to the implementation and revisions required for the continuation of the quality management policy based on the following principles:

1- Increasing employer satisfaction through

  1. a) Establishing more interaction with employers
  2. b) Increasing the quality of committed engineering services
  3. c) Providing services subject to the contract within the specified period
  4. d) Increasing the speed of responding to the demands of employers

2- Increase employee productivity through

  1. a) Establishing courses and training seminars
  2. b) Establishing a system of suggestions and using the opinions of employees
  3. c) Providing suitable facilities and work environment
  4. d) Creating motivation with new motivational methods

3- Creating a platform for presence in international markets through

a)Establishing communication and cooperation with reputable global companies

b) Establishing suitable management and organizational systems

c) Using experienced managers and experts in the field of international projects

d) Establishing appropriate financial and administrative systems

e) Using successful global experiences

f) Application of new market monitoring systems